diumenge, 17 de febrer del 2013

Pleased to Meet You: Gingermelon Dolls

[ENG] You know what, I don't remember how I found the blog page for Gingermelon Dolls but it's just wonderful so today's pleased to meet you is dedicated to Shelly a really talented mum. I really can't understand where do this superwomen find the time to do everything...
If you are interested in any of the patterns she makes, just go to her Etsy page and be delighted with those wonderful dolls.
What I like from her blog is that she shows you the step by step process on making her dolls and you can really see the time and love she uses for each one of them.
Amazing results.
Pleased to Meet You, Shelly.
[CAT] Sabeu què, no recordo massa d'on vaig trobar aquest blog però Gingermelon Dolls val la pena conèixer'l sobretot si t'agrada fer nines de tela. Així que al pleased to meet you d'avui us parlaré de la Shelly una superwoman mare que no sé pas d'on treu el temps, la veritat.
Si us interessa algún dels seus patrons els podeu trobar a Etsy.
El que m'agrada del seu blog és també que ensenya pas a pas el procés de confecció de les nines i realment veus el temps i l'amor que dedica amb totes i cadascuna de les peces que fa.
Resultats espectaculars.
Pleased to Meet You, Shelly.
Dainty Darlings pdf Pattern Fenwick the Fox pdf Pattern
Binky Boo pdf PatternsWoodland Stufflings PDF Pattern
Mad Hatter pdf PatternLittle Bear pdf Pattern
Step by step by Gingermelon

dilluns, 11 de febrer del 2013

DIY: Fabric Door Stopper

[DIY] Today a door stopper as a DIY project coming right through Mollie Makes and thanks to her blog guest Hungry Hippie.
It is an easy tutorial but I haven't had time to do it yet but you can follow the step by step through her blog; so I won't extend myself much and I'll leave you with some pictures and hope to be able to do it soon.
You'll need:
  • 10-12 inch zipper.
  • two 10x10 inch squares of choice fabric.
  • 9x2.5 inch interface fabric for handle.
  • 9x5 inch fabric for handle.
  • two pieces 10x10 inch interfaces

[CAT] Avui al DIY un "tope" per la porta directe de Mollie Makes i gràcies a la seva convidada al blog Hungry Hippie.

És un tutorial molt senzill de seguir que podeu seguir pas a pas al seu blog. Aquí us deixo les fotos del procés fins al final del resultat.

  • Una cremallera llarga (més de 25 cm)
  • Entretela per donar gruix (23x20 per la nansa i de 25x25cm per les teles de colors)
  • Tela per la bossa (2 trossos)  i una diferent per la nansa  (25x25 i 23x18 respectivament).

Step by step tutorial. Photo from Hungry Hippie

dimecres, 6 de febrer del 2013


[ENG] Just a short note (so busy this days) to talk about a couple of award recieved lately, one Best Blog award thanks to my beloved Isla Sandía and a Liebster Blog Award (the second  and third in fact, ;) ) thanks to Tanitart  and Atelier Tristan and I couldn't be happier...it means that someone reads this, and they like it...cool!
Reading about the award rules, I should give the price to 10 other blogs and answer to some questions  from Tanitart
[CAT] Una nota curteta (vaig de cul) per parlar d'un parell de premis rebuts últimament, un Best Blog Award gràcies a  Isla Sandía i un Liebster Blog Award (el segon i tercer de fet) gràcies a Tanitart i l' Atelier Tristan i no podria estar més contenta, això significa que algú em llegeix...i mola!
Llegint les normes dels premis, hauria de donar el premi a 10 blogs de recent creació i contestar unes preguntes que ha plantejat Tanitart.
A veure si em surt la llista de blogs de menys de 200 seguidors...

My awarded blogs are.... 

to be continued...

What made you start the blog? My first evening with Las Niñas Antiguas
What's the main objective of the blog? Enjoy it.
What would you underline from your blog? It shouldn't be me to underline anything from a blog I enjoy writing, no?
What makes you a creative person? Avoid boredom...
Where do you find inspiration? Other blogs, imagination, photography...
What artists do you like the most? Too many...
What made you laugh recently? The big bang theory...
A recomendation...about??
An unspeakable secret...I just ate Donettes Nevados (damn it!)

dissabte, 2 de febrer del 2013

Let's read: We make dolls

[ENG] Today I won't talk about a magazine, today I'd like to talk about a book, We make dolls, a book where top dollmakers share their secrets and patterns (nice!). 
The book is divided in 10 different sections, each one of them with one dollmaker, showing their projects and giving you patterns (23 in total) explained with a step by step tutorial, images and templates.
The idea of such a good book comes from Jenny Doh, the author.
You can find it at amazon.
[CAT] Avui no us parlaré d'una revista, us voldria parlar d'un llibre, We make dolls, un llibre on dissenyadors punters (no tots, seria impossible) de nines, ens ensenyen els seus secrets i patrons (mola!).
I la idea d'un llibre així ve de Jenny Doh, l'autora.
El llibre està dividit en 10 seccions diferents, cadascuna amb un dissenyador diferent, on mostren les seves creacions així com donant patrons (23 en total) explicats pas a pas, amb imatges i esbossos.
El llibre el podreu trobar a amazon.

Lovely Little Lamb by Katie Shelton

Frida by Danita

Mr. Strong by Nichol Brinkman

Magician Bear by Sahsa Pokrass

Red Riding Hood by Suse Bauer

Balancing Bunny by Jenn Docherty

 Imaginative Bloom
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