dimarts, 5 de juny de 2012

DIY: Lightbulb Bud Vase

[ENG] It's been a while since the last DIY and today I bring you a project by this people. A small bud base madre from an old light bulb. Below you see what you need.
  1. Put on leather gloves and safety glasses. (consider going outside since this process involves breaking glass).
  2. Peel off the contact at the base of the bulb using the needle-nose pliers (see photo).
  3. Crack the black glass at the base of the bulb by tapping it lightly with the hammer. If this doesn’t work, try sticking one of the jaws of the needle-nose pliers into the hole of the black glass and twist while applying a little pressure.
  4. Insert a suitable Allen wrench into the glass tube inside the lightbulb after removing black glass (see photo).
  5. Pull out the innards of the bulb through the hole you’ve created with the pliers; if the hole is too small, make it bigger as you did in step 4. The filament and attached glass may need to come out in a few pieces if they are too large (shown in photo).
  6. Create a stand for your new vase using aluminum welding rod. Sculpt a square base with one end of the wire coiled around the metal part of the lightbulb.
  7. Insert your favorite flower, water, and enjoy!

[CAT] Han passat dies des de l'últim DIY i avui us presento un projecte fet per aquesta gent. Un petit jerro fet a partir d'una bombeta antiga.
  1. Posa't guants de pell i ulleres de protecció (planteja't fer-ho a fora doncs es trenquen vidres).
  2. Trenca la base de la bombeta amb l'ajuda d'un martell (fluix). Sinó funciona prova amb unes tenalles de punta fina (mira les fotos).
  3. Amb una clau Allen que passi pel forat, introdueix-ho pel forat.
  4. Posa enfora les bores de la bombeta per poder treure el filament interior de la bombeta (és possible que surtin a troços). Torna a posar bé les bores per no tallar-te.
  5. Fes una base amb filferro. Pots fer el mateix de la imatge o fer ús de la teva imaginació.
  6. Posa-hi les flors i a gaudir! 
Guants i ulleres protectores (per no fer-vos mal!)/ Leather gloves and safety glasses
Tenalles petites / needle-nose pliers
Bombeta / light bulb
Martell / hammer
Clau Allen Mitjana / 1-4 inch Allen wrench

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